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Masterclass: Integrating Trauma work and Core Energetics, a path towards Spirituality/ 26-29 Sept 2024

Integrating Trauma Work and Core Energetics
a path towards Spirituality

(only for therapists graduated from a Core Energetics institute)

26-29 September 2024, Italy

Ivan Sebastiani

The very last years in neuroscience have been so rich and mind-blowing in terms of new findings about the brain, the brain circuits and the connection with the body, neuroception, emotions, epigenetics and much more.

These new findings (and the ones that likely will arrive in 2024) bring a scientific support to Core Energetics knowledge, like for example the body reading, the Character defenses, charge and discharge and many other core concepts.

But the new discoveries can also help us rethinking in a new prospective both Core Energetics and other new modalities that work on trauma and the nervous system, giving us the opportunity to integrate them with CE in a unifying map.

We could see what and when something could be wrong about Core Energetics tools and what could be very good, in relation to our nervous system. And of course what are the best tools and the ones really effective from other modalities like Levine, Porges, van der Kolk, Shore, Siegel and the others.

We will see how working with trauma using an integrated map can lead us to our inner source, awakening our spiritual consciousness and inspire new ways of understanding our life task and evolutionary journey. We’ll see how working on sexual trauma could lead to the capacity of ecstatic pleasure.

This Masterclass can be really helpful for both “trauma” trained or not trained yet practitioner. When Core Practitioners are not familiar with how to work with traumas and the nervous system, they may sometimes experience difficulty with clients who refuse to do some body techniques, or are overwhelmed easily, or get numb or other signs of traumas. And even when the practitioners were trained in a kind of trauma work, they could find difficulty to apply deeply the tools or to integrate that work with Core Energetics.

The masterclass will provide theory and experiences as well, giving you the chance to work on your own nervous system and traumas and work on others. It will also give you the know how about how update yourself with new scientific researches.


Location: The location is in Italy, in Frabosa Soprana (CN) at the Miramonti Hotel www.hotelmiramontifs.com, we can help you to reach the place easily arranging a solution, it’s 1h/1h30 by car from the airport in Turin and 2h/2h30 from Milan

Time schedule: We will start at 9:30 on Thursday and finish Sunday at 14:00, so you will be in time to take a flight on that day.

Tuition fee: The cost for the Masterclass will be 650 EUR. The daed line for this price is June 30th. After that date the cost will be 800 EUR.

Lodging expenses: Room and meals about 240 eur – 360 eur depending on roomtype and arrival time

For info and registration please write to ivancorenergetica@gmail.com

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