8th International Core Energetics Convention 2018


In the scientifically program we present you a total of 8 plenary lectures and 16 different workshops. As participant it will be possible to create your own package. Every lecture will be 45 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of questions, discussions or interactions. Workshops will be 3 hours to create depth and give space for processwork.

Although we consider this the final version, it could be that the program might change due to circumstances.




  • Opening lecture: Anna Timmermans What’s Next Challenges and Opportunities


  • Karyne B Wilner – Nine Months Prior to Birth: Fetal Development and Core Energetics
  • Dirk Marivoet – Integration: At the Core of Our Well-Being


  • Fernando Aguiar and Thais Queiroz – Online Core Therapy: Challenges and Possibilities
  • Mirna Luz Molina Ramos – Core Energetics and Family Constellations in a Pro-Life Point of View


  • Gees Boseker – Neuroscience of Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Ken Goldberg – Psychosomatics, Quantum Physics, and Core-Energetics


  • Erena Bramos – Non-Duality and Core Energetics The Journey to Being Intimate With What Is
  • Lisa Loustaunau: Moving through Resistance and Finding Resilience and Meaning in the Face of Accelerating Global Climate Change


  • Lynn Kreaden – The Body Unmasked: Sacred, Sexual Body Readings
  • Cees van Loon & Meis Thewissen: Co-leading
  • Ina Colletti & Karin Knoblich – Divine Marriage as the Fulfillment of the Life Task
  • Pam Chubbuck – Trans Gender energies
  • Jorge Galindo – Awakening Out of Thought into Presence Non-Dual Paths to the Core
  • Achiel van Tienen & Tanja Konig- Having an Affair; End or New Beginning of a Long term-Relationship?
  • Hedy Geimer-Lorusso – Inspired by Love-to-Live from the Fullness of the Source of Life
  • Patricia Amorim – Evolution of Conscience and Psychopathology
  • Thais de Queiroz – The Laboratory of Feminine Embodiment – The Experience with Core Feminine
  • Kathleen Goldberg – Truth and Reconciliation Process
  • Aylee Welch – Incorporating Heart Perception & Neuroscience in Core Energetics
  • Jeanne Denney & Liz Carl – Presence with Death; Presence with Life
  • Meghan Brennan & Irene Durand Bryan – Rooting in the Pelvis: Enhancing our Capacity for Grounding and Intimacy
  • Fernando Aguiar: Moving Through and Beyond Character Styles
  • Judith GruberThe Dynamics of Money: Helping Your Clients Create Financial Health
  • Armand Botha – How to Deal with Intimacy Issues of Gay men.




please note that the Program may be subject to change